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Taking a Closer Look at Dufferin

Taking a Closer Look at Dufferin

Dufferin in Kamloops, BC amalgamated with the City of Kamloops in 1973. This area is a true gem of Kamloops, offering so many benefits. Let me tell you why.

Dufferin is centrally located; you can literally get anywhere in Kamloops within 10-15 minutes. It is close to many larger big box stores such as Best Buy, Costco, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Walmart which is rather convenient if you are a resident in the area. Aberdeen Mall – Kamloops’s largest shopping mall is also near this area. Fresh Street Market was just added to the mall in the last couple of years. My family and I love shopping there. Always a nice addition to have a grocery store nearby. The area also has some nice local shops and as we know supporting local in our cities are crucial in this day and age. Footprints, Gourmet Greens Produce Market, Chop and Block Deli, Duffy’s Pub, Black Salt Catering, Sweet Spot Cupcakes – the list goes on.

Let’s talk about the outdoors in the Dufferin area. There are what I believe to be some of the absolute best hiking trails and lookouts in the Kamloops area. West Dufferin Ridge is amazing, the Copperhead Trails are great if you want a little longer of a hike, Tower Trail Lookout is a great one to get that heart rate up and enjoy the beautiful reward of a picturesque view of Kamloops. To me, having hiking trails at your fingertips is not only convenient but promotes a healthy family lifestyle. I am a huge advocate of just getting outside and moving your body, it does your body right, mentally, and physically. You only get one body!

Dufferin Elementary is a small community school grades k-7. Dufferin has about 250 students and 11 classrooms. The community high school is South Kamloops Secondary. It is a large school that consists of approximately 1000 students, grades 8-12. Home to the SKSS Titans, SKSS has a thriving athletics department, as well as academic standards.

The Dufferin area has a few stratified developments made up of townhouses and duplexes such as Brigadoon, Dufferin Park, Hillside Park, let’s not forget the newest most upscale and trendy complex – Orabella. On a side note, Orabella is worth a look at, with modern finishing and roof top patios they are a real crowd pleaser. If you are looking for apartments start at the Hillside Lofts or the Landmark. If you follow along Hillside Drive you will find the more mature homes, some have some nice sized lots, and beautiful trees. The newest area in Dufferin is Hidden Trails. Pacific way leads you to Prairie Rose Drive and Rockcress Court. This area is loaded with architecturally smart looking homes. All the homes are custom designed, and the area is surrounded with Forrest. I love Hidden Trails.

Dufferin has so many positives, if you are looking at areas in town, this should really be on your list. Dufferin checks so many boxes and now you know why.

Written By Erin Arksey

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