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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Winter is still in full force here in Kamloops, but the changing seasons can sneak up on us quickly! March through to May are officially labeled the “spring” months for Kamloops (located in the Interior Region of British Columbia). And most often, these months are seen as the perfect time to start the selling process for those who have been thinking about it throughout the winter.

But what does selling your home in the Spring look like? Why does Spring Cleaning play such a huge role in getting your house ready for the market? And does it really help raise the value of your home that much?

We’re going to answer all of these questions for any Sellers who are debating the true value of Spring Cleaning for the upcoming spring market.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that updating/repairing, and cleaning the interior of your home in preparation for selling is always a must. However, selling your home in the Spring requires a bit more attention to detail on the outside, than listing it in the Summer or Fall would. With the winter comes rain, snow and ice (among other things) that can severely damage or weather the exterior of your home. This is why Spring Cleaning is so important!

Once the snow is melted away you’ll be able to see which areas specifically need your attention before listing. Some of the things to look for are; the condition of the roof, gutters and fences, the condition of the yard and garden(s), as well as the condition on the exterior paint, fixtures and windows! See below for a more detailed checklist!


 Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Check the roof for any issues that may have come up over the winter
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Clean up the yard and garden beds (rake the leaves, pull weeds, prune trees, )
  • Organize any storage space under decks or in sheds
  • Wash exterior of home and all windows
  • Touch up paint on the exterior of the home
  • Paint, fix or replace any worn out exterior fixtures (lights, door handles, mailboxes, )
  • Stain, re-paint or update any exposed wood or wood fencing around the home


The reason we put an emphasis on these things is because they are going to be a crucial part of a Buyer’s first impression on the home! The market has changed significantly over the past year, and Buyers now have the ability to take their time when searching for their new home. This allows them to pay closer attention to the “little things” (chipped paint, overgrown gardens, etc.) that may have gotten missed or overlooked beforehand. A home that looks clean, well taken care of, and ready for new owners will always be more appealing to Buyers than the ones that seem to require more work or updates right off the bat.

When Sellers make the effort to have their house and/or property look updated and presentable, it elevates the experience for the Buyer, and therefore has the ability to boost the sale price. A home that has that initial curb appeal, and then proves to have been consistently looked after and updated, will allow your real estate professional to price it on the higher side of its comparables. Additionally, the more appealing a home/property is the more Buyers it will attract, this could then lead into getting multiple offers, and a higher sale price for the Sellers!

If you are thinking of selling your home this Spring, don’t forget about the importance of Spring Cleaning. And remember, none of these updates/fixes necessarily need to break the bank, but every little bit helps toward attracting the right Buyer, and getting the best price for your home! Even the slightest update/change could help you greatly in this market!



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