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Lower Sahali Love

Lower Sahali Love

Lower Sahali is a key to the Kamloops heart. Blair and I own a rental property there, which is where we lived prior to Sun Rivers. Our Family began there, and we both think very highly of this area.

Lower Sahali is on the South end of Kamloops, British Columbia. It is bordered by the West End, Downtown, and the Dufferin Area. Highway 1 separates Lower Sahali and Upper Sahali. I hope that gives you a better picture of how to locate the area.

Sahali real estate is made up of many mature single-family homes, townhomes, and a couple of apartment buildings. One of my favorite areas is where some homes rest on a hillside above Columbia Street West. You will get AMAZING views. We like to call it million-dollar views. Bestwick Drive, Anvil Crescent, Greenstone Drive, McGill Road, Thor Drive, Arrowstone Drive, and Tod Crescent are all the streets that come to mind. They all have very decent sized lots. The development approximately commenced in the 1970’s and the building reached near the end in early 2000’s.

A few townhome developments are Pemberton Terrace, Sahali Estates, Loma Bella and Terra Vista. Most of these developments you can find some units with some amazing views and close to walking trails. Emerald Terrace is a conveniently located apartment building, not many of these come up for sale, which is usually a good sign the owners are significantly happy there.

Touching on the schools in this catchment. Beattie Elementary has about 250 students in 10 divisions. Beattie Elementary opened in 1958 and was named in honour of the Beattie sisters – Lilian, Emily and Mabel. The school has a positive school culture that pays tribute to many excellent traditions, while embracing friends, colleagues, parents, and community partners.  The community high school is Sahali Secondary School. The school has great athletics, arts, and academic programs. Student learning focuses on the way students think, learn, grow, and helps prepare them for success in a world that is constantly changing.

Lower Sahali has some great hiking trails. These trails are within walking distance and follow along the bench of a large ravine. Peterson Creek Park has some beautiful scenery and viewpoints. There is a mix of forest and grassy hills. You will often spot deer in the area – they must also enjoy the views! There is a variety of skill levels, so be sure to follow along a path that is in your comfort zone. If you enter the park at the front entrance off Columbia Street, you will start at what I would call the main trail and it will lead you too a beautiful waterfall.

Lastly, Sahali has a large ratio of the Kamloops shopping. Sahali Mall, Tudor Village, Natures Fare, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Save On Foods, Starbucks, Columbia Square – the list goes on and on. Lower Sahali has so many positives and basically has everything you need. Even though I don’t live in the area anymore, it still feels like home.

Written By Erin Arksey

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