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Better In Brocklehurst

Better In Brocklehurst

Brocklehurst is located on the north side of Kamloops, BC. The south side of Brocklehurst borders along the Thompson River, the west side runs along Tranquille Road. The north side brings you to Ord Road, and the east brings you right down 12th Street. Google Maps is a truly glorious tool we have if you need to have a look.

If you can believe it, years ago, Brocklehurst use to be an orchard. I can only imagine how beautiful and lush it was. Did you know Brocklehurst can be up to 4 degrees Celsius warmer than Aberdeen? No wonder they grew fruit there. The area is named after a fellow by the name of Ed Brocklehurst. Ed was a local orchardist from England who migrated to the Kamloops region between 1896 to 1907. If you currently live in Brocklehurst and have had a look at your property title search, there is a good chance you will see something about the BC Orchards from years ago.

The real estate in Brocklehurst has a large portion of older homes built in 1960’s – 1980’s. These homes often greet you with HUGE lots. You don’t see that anymore in the newer developments. This is a big bonus if you ask me, plus they are often flat. Builders and developers see opportunity here, as you now will notice there are lots of new builds peppered throughout Brocklehurst – ranging from townhome developments, duplexes and new homes. There are a few pockets of larger more higher end homes, around Nicolani Drive, Arlington Court, and along the river such as Pala Mesa Place and Tranquille Road. There are a couple +55 senior’s buildings, Riverbend Seniors Community and Orchard Court. If you are looking for an affordable first-time home, investment or maybe it’s a downsizer there’s lots of opportunity such as Ponlen Place, Glenwood Townhomes, Southill Manor, Garden View – the list goes on and on. Lastly, I wanted to mention along Ord Road there are a few new developments like the Catalpa Community and Sunset Ridge as well as a vast amount of modular home parks.

The Brocklehurst catchment has 3 elementary schools. Parkcrest Elementary at George Hilliard School, A E Perry Elementary, Kay Bingham Elementary – these schools are kindergarten to grade 6. Then from grades 7-9 the kids go to Brocklehurst Middle School, and all the high school youths go to the NorKam High School which I touched on in my last blog.

I could write about Brocklehurst for pages and pages. There is a lot too offer if you are looking to live here. Lots of flat sidewalks and trails to ride your bike, there are some quick access too hiking trails such as Battle Bluff. Go here. It is amazing, the hike is a hill climb to reach a BREATHTAKING view of the Kamloops Lake. It is my favorite. 100%. Brocklehurst has Kamloops Golf and Country Club, which is a great course. The trees are nice, not too long of an 18-hole course either. I always have a blast there. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, anyone can enjoy this course.

Wrapping up todays blog on Brocklehurst is hard, I still have so much more to talk about! Stay tuned for a Part 2 of Brocklehurst. Thanks for reading.


Written By Erin Arksey




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